November 3, 2022

Results are quite interesting: less sales, but also less listings resulting in a 1% overall reduction in values vs Oct 2021 with Single Family being up 1% Y/Y, Duplex / Row houses up 3% & Condo’s down 5/3% in Edm Proper. A slight reduction to those results are evident when blending in the entire “Greater Edmonton Area” (GEA) as showing in the graph below. Check out the graphs below for easy view of how this looks vs last year/2020 & month over month

See the full GEA stats pack here: OCT_2022_CREA-EDMOstats

More on Edmonton Proper here OCT_2022_MonthlyStatsBoard-4 

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MLS® HPI Benchmark Price*  October 2022 M/M % Change Y/Y % Change
(for all-residential sales in GEA1)
SFDbenchmark price $429,100 -2.5% -0.3%
Apartment benchmark price $181,000 -2.5% -2.7%
Townhouse benchmark price $231,200 -3.2% -1.2%
Composite7 benchmark price $378,900 -2.5% -0.7%