Want to know if your property tax assessment is accurate? FREE TAX TIME CMA!

March 9, 2018

I hope you are well & enjoying 2018!

I am happy to offer you, your family, friends & neighbors a complimentary comparative market analysis for their home / investment properties / any potential property they are interested in just to help!!

That includes “point in time” analysis to compare to city tax assessment reference time frame.

I use RECA Approved techniques with an understanding of criteria use by Accredited Appraisers & past tax assessment “challenge” & “tribunal process” experience to provide quality documentation to help with your decision making on your city tax assessment, when to sell, or how to best use equity you have to invest based on your goals.

If at any time you would like to take advantage of this complimentary NO OBLIGATION offer, I would be happy to help!

I always try to add more to my services to differentiate from other realtors & like to demonstrate that with hard proof

For examples of how I do that, please check out this service menu to put words into action. This living document link will contain updates and new content over time; You’ll always have access to the most current info as I add more examples / make improvements without the inconvenience of additional emails/data use for file attachments

The general services I offer with no obligation include information sessions Tailored to Individual Interests & needs (from first time buyer to savvy investors, all with fact based, valuable insights, not just speculation; documented and expert evidence)

I will leave it with you to consider this open-ended offer!

Best Regards



John J Fraser


Cell: 7804997720

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Maxwell Challenge Realty

Email: John@jfsells.com


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