Thinking about Condo’s? New Changes Proposed / Coming soon!

April 16, 2019

You may / may not be aware that the Alberta Gov’t has been working on changes to the legislation governing Condominiums.

Here is a link to the AB govt Web Site to see all they are doing to make condo’s better  for buyers and owners

The Real Estate Council of Alberta is a great resource on the subject with several related topics and resources

Here is a Fb page link to a condo review company (the one i shared the email from last few days) where you can find a lot of great info

Condo’s can work well for buyers who want higher levels of security and less maintenance like yard work, roofing, siding etc. Many appreciate the consistency of utilities included in fees at some condos.

That said – as with any purchase – you have to do your homework (ie buyer beware).

Your REALTOR® will be a source of information and advice to ensure you understand all the implications of any purchase (this goes for Homes of any kind including condo’s). As a general rule, never buy a home without an inspection; never buy a condo without a condo review & inspection.

Please understand – I am not encouraging condo’s over houses / other options. What’s right for a buyer is about knowing what is important to them. A REALTOR® must take the time to understand all the things that matter the most to you as a buyer before suggesting anything.

That said – knowing preferences like – “west end, under $250, not too much work / reno’s to do” is only a start; Life style, what you love about your current / past homes, what your goals in a new home are and much more go in to understanding enough to do a great job

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