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April 11, 2018

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Most professionals claim to have exceptional after-sales service, I let my actions speak for themselves.

I build my business on repeat business and referrals. Taking care of your real estate needs before, during and in the months and years after a transaction is extremely important to me.

That’s why I will always make myself available anytime you have a real estate related question or need a recommendation.

If I can do more to help maximize the enjoyment of your home – whether you decide to make a move or continue living where you are now – please give me a call! I am happy to help!

Current “Foreclosure/Bank-Owned” Opportunities in Edmonton range from $39,000 to over $10 Million. See them Here.

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Considering an investing in real estate? 

When should you consider a condo or 2… or 3 vs. a house, duplex or triplex?

Or perhaps just trying to decide if you want your next home to be an apartment vs a house?

What will profit / equity look like in the different scenarios? Will it be similar?

Many say having multiple properties & renters gives you more diversity & therefore more safety in the investment. It may mean a little more work to manage / more renters over time, but how does that compare to whats involved with managing a house? What do condo fees vs cost of utilities and maintenance in a house look like?

The forecasting tool above is just 1 example I use to help people answer their questions. 

We can discuss opinions any time you like! Here is a quick article on Rental Pro’s and Con’s Here

This is a great 1 page summary of a critical component in Condo purchase decisions:

Understanding Special Assessments

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