Investing With Real Data to Make Decisions; Condo Act & Conventional Mtg Changes; Google’s Parent Co’s Future Mini-City

November 27, 2017

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Investing With Real Data to Make Decisions; Condo Act & Conventional Mtg Changes; Google’s Parent Co’s Future Mini-City

There is a lot to consider when deciding what style of Real Estate investing may be right for you. Be it for income now / equity in the future, Real Estate has long been considered by many to be an excellent investment.

Most of us understand the different opportunities (in a general sense) as well as the characteristics and benefits of ownership that come with them. How to apply the variances in an “investment property” scenario can be more complicated / time consuming.

Factors like return on investment, level of risk, expertise and effort required all play a part, as do current and future income expectations. For many there is a preference towards long term equity & tax benefits now; for others extra income is a bigger priority. How you structure your finances as well as what property type is best for you are critical.

What ever the case, I can help you find your next home / assess what opportunities best fit you, help define specific scenarios, quantify / forecast and compare income now vs equity in the future across multiple types of real estate to help you determine what property ownership fits you based on your goals & preferences.

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For more information on calculating income and equity, custom real estate investment modeling or to get your free copy of a recent assessment model for condos as rentals with a target ROI of 12% and purchase prices under $75,000 drop me a line! No Obligation

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